Welcome to my personal site

My name is Anna Koliadych. I am an illustrator, artist and a little bit a fairy. I live in an incredible city called London.

My short story

I was born in Ukraine. Since childhood I felt in love with drawings. I was a big dreamer and loved everything beautiful, unique and interesting. Combining passion with technology, I have a MA in Programming Science and many years of experience as a Graphic Designer. After rigorous Technical Science, the job was like a fresh breath I was really happy about being able to unleash my creativity in projects. However, I have never stopped dreaming about painting and step by step my life opened a new path for my passion. In 2015, I enrolled in the “Illustrations” course in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which was love at first sight and the best foundation for my future career. It also opened a new World – the World of illustrations.Since then, I have been working as a freelance illustrator. I already illustrated two children books, a cookbook, I created a variety of greeting cards and drew hundreds of illustrations and logos. Some examples of my work you can find on my website portfolio.

My favourite material is watercolour but I never stop discovering something new. I love my work and always draw with big LOVE.

Would be happy for a collaboration, interesting Projects and new Connections. 

Anna Koliadych Illustrator watercolor artist