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Testimonial by Anna Koliadych
Hi there, my name is Anna Koliadych. I am an illustrator and watercolor enthusiast. DearAnnArt is my personal brand I founded for to represent my creative way, my vision and artworks. My mission is to show that everyone can paint without obtaining a degree in Art. I am originally from Ukraine, currently live in London. I paint since I remember myself. I am vegetarian, love kids, animals, and do yoga.
Anna Koliadych

2010 - 2014 Graphic Designer

Worked as graphic designer for 5 years

Summer 2014 - My first watercolor set

Got my first watercolor set and brushes. Then I painted my first 2 paintings and felt so happy and inspired. In that time, I decided to change my profession and become an artist and illustrator

First watercolor illustrations by Dearannart

2014 - 2015 Self learning

I was studying painting by myself. I still was working as a graphic designer but always didn’t miss a chance to paint in a free time

April 2015 - Private Art School in Kiev, Ukraine

Graduated watercolor course at Art School in Kiev. Learned the basics of watercolor painting and many principles of how to paint.

October 2015 - Studied at Art school in St.Petersburg, Russia

I was discovering and practicing new watercolor skills at Art School in St. Petersburg. Learned how to paint food, children book, fashion and watercolor illustrations.

Spring 2016 - Got my first order

I have made my first order from US client. Greeting card with an ice cream illustration on it. I will remember it for all of my life.

Summer 2016 - Freelance work

I’ve intensively started to work as a freelance watercolor illustrator. I’ve created a lot of interesting projects. Working as a freelancer helped me to discover my own style of painting. Big thank you to all of my clients!

Autumn 2016 - Illustrated 2 children’s books

Jan - Apr 2018: Launched 3 online courses at Skillshare

Winter 2017 - Launched 1st watercolour workshop in London

In Christmas time organised successfully watercolor workshop “Christmas Greeting Cards” in London. I was so happy to share my knowledge with other people 🙂

Jan - May 2018: Organised 5 workshops in London

Organised 5 watercolor workshops in London. 100% satisfied students! Check upcoming workshops by clicking here.

Jun 2018: My personal brand ``DearAnnArt`` become alive

After many attempts to create personal bran I have finally created it that can represent myself as an artist!